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Antonio's wait

antonio’s wait

Antonio’s Wait, which can be found on all Amazon stores, presents a unique blend of fiction and nonfiction as it delves into the twelve hours leading up to the birth of the main character’s first child. During this period, we are given a glimpse into the lives of several individuals connected to him, exploring their anxieties and hopes. Antonio, aided by a dream, comes to terms with a portion of his past.

The Swing of Life

the swing of life

Antonio is back, as he celebrates his 50th birthday with the important people in his life, whom we were introduced to in ‘Antonio’s Wait.’ However, over the course of the next three weeks, he will come to realize how little he truly knows about them. Many hidden secrets will come to light, revealing that family relationships are more intricate than they appear. This story is available on all Amazon stores.



Luca Savoldi, a thriving entrepreneur, engages in infidelity with other women during his business trips overseas, under the assumption that his wife Elena is unaware of his actions. However, Elena is becoming increasingly aware of his affairs and as a result, Luca begins to reflect on the reasons behind his behavior. As he returns from his latest trip, a confrontation between the couple appears to be inevitable. Non available for sale.



The second installment of the Lumen Logistics series brings a thrilling story that will keep you on edge until the very end. With one man fleeing, another seeking retribution, and two determined women, the Savoldi family makes a comeback two and a half years after the events of ‘Adultery.’
Not available for sale, at the moment.

Knowing the deep mind

knowing the deep mind

Looking to enhance your personal well-being and transform negative events into positive outcomes? This ultimate guide is the result of years of extensive research and experimentation, presenting you with proven techniques to achieve your goals. Learn how to shift your perspective and unlock a whole new world of possibilities, with expert tips and advice that will empower you to take control of your life. Available on all Amazon stores.

The Neglected Universal Laws

the neglected universal laws

This is a guide to personal growth integrating science and spirituality. Divided into four parts, it explores The Law of Allowing, emphasizing life’s natural flow; The Law of Mentalism, examining thoughts’ impact on reality; The Law of Gratitude, showcasing its profound influence on mindset; and The Law of Forgiveness, a transformative journey towards healing and resilience.


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