Cosmo Cocktail

Astronomy, Synthwave and '80 Vibe

Cosmo Cocktail says:

What inspires me is not a specific artist, but the ’80s mood and atmosphere

I produce each album as if it was the soundtrack for a hypothetical movie

I would love to play live again

I use only hardware synths to build the songs, but I use plug ins for the effects

Fans of synth-wave and space music, this one is especially for you! Of course, though, every lover of electronic music will find some interesting info in this Cosmo Cocktail interview for ‘The Electronic Corner’.

Sir Joe: Let’s start from the name of your project.
You make synthwave music that often borders what could be called space music, but I know you are also a fan of astronomy and cosmology, so I was wondering: is there a connection between your interest for astronomy, your band name and the kind of music you propose?

Cosmo Cocktail: Yes, there is. I like everything space related, and that’s why I chose ‘Cosmo’ as the first word of my project name.
And it’s a cocktail because my music has two sides: sometimes I produce space music, other times more summer music, or happy music so to speak.
So, my artist name covers both sides of my production.

SJ: Your music is firmly rooted in the ’80s: big snares, analog sounds and so on.
Can I assume that the artists that inspire you mostly are also from the ’80s? Who are they?

Cosmo Cocktail: Yes indeed, but I do enjoy different kinds of music, so what inspires me is not a specific artist, but the ’80s mood and atmosphere.
Also, even though synth pop and classic pop from the ’80s are a huge influence, I am also a big synthwave fan, so there are a lot of new artists of this genre that are a source of inspiration for me.

SJ: You seldom use vocals in your tracks, and I assume you do it because you feel that adding a voice would spoil your tune instead of enhancing it. Are there other reasons for this choice?

Cosmo Cocktail: There are two big reasons. The first one is I don’t know how to sing and I think my voice is not suitable for singing, so I prefer to play music with my instruments.
The other reason is that I love movie soundtrack, and soundtracks are mostly instrumental. Since I produce each albums as if it was the soundtrack for an hypothetical movie, I prefer to play instrumental music.
Having said that, I have released one song with vocals and I am very happy with the result. 
I have an idea in my mind that requires singing, even though it is not well defined, but I’m sure in future I will make again a song with vocals.
SJYou publish your works with the label run by our mutual friend Kostas, of Paradox Obscur.
How did you get in touch with him?

Cosmo Cocktail: Well, I met Kostas and his label Werkstatt Recordings about 8 years ago. At that time, I was releasing music for a very small label from the UK, but I had something recorded which I wanted to release for a bigger label.
I met Kostas on Twitter, and I immediately felt a connection with him, because we had the same background and the same musical roots, so we agreed immediately for a release and things went very well.
My first release with Werkstatt Recording was an EP called ‘Atmosphere Zero’, and then I released the album ‘Aurora’, which was very well received.

SJ: You recently posted in Instagram some photos of past gigs, and I had the impression that you love to perform. Any chance to see you live again in the near future?

Cosmo Cocktail: Good question! Yes, I love to play live.
Before the pandemic I had played 8 gigs in the area where I live, and one in Vienna. When Covid arrived, everything stopped in my area and this is the main reason why I didn’t play live anymore.
I would love to play live again, because I have a new album. It has not been released yet, but it should come out next year.
So, I’m quite confident that in the future, maybe next year, I will play some gigs again.

SJ: Let’s talk about your studio, and now I will quote you: “Removed some machines … less is more!”
What made you say that “less is more” and what machines are you using now mostly?

Cosmo Cocktail: Less is more because I think there is no need for a big studio, for the kind of music I make. That’s why I use only few synths nowadays. I think it’s a pretty good studio, balanced for my needs and not too expensive to maintain.
Using few machines allows me to being focused more on the music than on the instruments. Also, through the years I noticed that I preferred to use always the same machines because I know them very well.
If I had more, I may feel a bit lost in learning how to use them instead of focusing on the music.

SJ: And you only use hardware, don’t you? You don’t use virtual synths.

Cosmo Cocktail: I use only hardware synths to build the songs, but I use plug ins for the effects. I record on the computer, and then I apply some effects.
When it comes to playing, though, I prefer to do it with my machines, and I usually use the internal sequencer of my synths.

SJ: Which DAW are you using?

Cosmo Cocktail: Actually, I don’t use a digital audio workstation like all artists. Instead, I use a very simple recording software, called Audacity.
I know it’s a very unusual choice, since nobody seems to use it for this purpose, but I feel very confortable with it.
I learned to use it well, and I don’t need anything else.

(Now I invite you to watch the following video, starting at 12:20, where Luca is showing us his studio).

We say thanks to Cosmo Cocktail for introducing space music in the world of The Electronic Corner.

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