my story

I started recording songs in 1994, just for fun, shortly after moving to Connecticut for working reasons. At that time, my set of tools was very simple: an Ensoniq SQ1 workstation, a Fostex 4 tracks recorder, a cheap microphone and an effect box.

After having recorded about 50 songs in different styles, the year 2000 saw the big switch from analog to digital, which coincided with another relocation, this time to Munich.
The much greater flexibility offered by the digital environment allowed for a big improvement in the quality of my recordings, and also offered a much wider choice of sounds.

Nevertheless, I still consider my “analog period” very instructive, because the restrictions imposed by the tools forced me to use them at their maximum potential, and allowed me to learn a lot about recording and mixing techniques.

During the following eight years, I developed my own personal style, blending synth-pop with other genres, from blues to rock, ambient and techno,

You can read what happened from 2008 on in the pages devoted to the four albums I have commercially released so far. Click on the pics below to reach those pages, where you will find anecdotes and curiosities about each track.


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