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Before Sir Joe, my journey in the world of music started back in 1994, when I moved to Connecticut for work reasons and decided to start recording songs just for fun. I had a very simple set of tools, but that didn’t stop me from creating over 50 songs in different styles.

In the year 2000, everything changed when I made the big switch from analog to digital. This coincided with my move to Munich and allowed me to greatly improve the quality of my recordings and expand my sound options.

It is fair to say, though, that my “analog period” was extremely valuable in teaching me the ins and outs of recording and mixing techniques. For example, it exposed me to the challenges and limitations inherent in the analog domain, such as dealing with noise, signal degradation, and the meticulous calibration required to achieve optimal results. 
Still, it would take a long time before Sir Joe saw the light as a music project.

Over the next eight years, in fact, I developed my own personal style by blending synth-pop with other genres like blues, rock, ambient, and techno.
In 2008, then, something happened and ‘Sir Joe’ was officially born. To find out what, I invite you to read the article about my first album, ‘The Observer’. 

So far, I have released five albums that showcase my musical journey. Each track has its own unique anecdotes and curiosities that you can discover by clicking either on the pics below or directly here.

The Observer
Universal Laws
Reaktor Live
Depeche Old
The Singles

I hope you will enjoy the music by Sir Joe!

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