This section is devoted to singles, i.e. tracks that either were never released in an album or were part of an album at a later date.

I noticed that nowadays there is a tendency to release new material as singles, instead of collecting all the song in an album.
From a business point of view it makes sense, because in an era where streaming platforms dominate the market, you gain and retain much more visibility if in one year you release one single per month, rather than one album of 12 songs.
If we talk about the pleasure of listening music, though, IMHO a new album offers a much more rewarding experience, so I think I will go along the ‘singles’ route only in extraordinary circumstances.


My passion for 1980s Depeche Mode is no mystery, so it is not surprising that I tried my hand at recording a cover of one of their songs, taken from my favorite album, ‘Black Celebration’.  You can find it also in my album Depeche Old

By the way, I’m aware that the original title is ‘Fly on the Windscreen’, but I decided to differenciate myself a bit by slightly altering it, both for the single release and the album. 

This song serves exclusively as a background track for the videos I am posting on YouTube, in which I provide tips on how to travel serenely and save money.
For my convenience, I decided to distribute it to the various streaming platforms as well, so it ended up in the Singles page.

The style is a bit different to what I usually offer, but it’s justified by its purpose.


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