Sound Project 21

Producer, DJ and Remixer Teaches Us an Important Lesson

Wilton Belmiro (Sound Project 21) says:

I was making music on an old computer and a pair of headphones

To me a remix is a rework of an original track

Vocalists find me through my links on social newworks

I’ve just completed two remixes for two international artists

Wilton Belmiro is a Brazilian DJ, producer and remixer who operates under the name Sound Project 21. In this interview for ‘The Electronic Corner’ he doesn’t say much, but his words convey an important message to all aspiring musicians in the world. Let’s find out which one.

Sir Joe: Where does the name of your music project come from?

Sound Project 21: This is a music project born around 2013 and focused on the old sound school of the ’90s. I called it Sound Project 21 because it was created when I was 21.

Which tools were you using at that time?

Sound Project 21: At that time it was very difficult for me to have the resources to produce and deliver a track with good quality.
So, since I didn’t have the money for diversified and good quality tools, I started producing my music with an old computer and a pair of headphones.

SJHow do you approach the creation of a new track? Do you start with a melody, a beat, or something else?

Sound Project 21: Well, it usually depends on inspiration to create. Everything involves creativity.
So I usually start with drums, and I mix them on several channels.
After that, I compose something on top of them and continue with the basis of the track arrangement.

SJ: And how do you approach remixing a track? What are the key elements you focus on when creating a remix?


Sound Project 21: As I have done with last remixes I worked on, to me a remix is a rework of the original track, so I treat it as if I was composing an original track, but actually it’s a second version made by me.

SJ: How do you usually find the vocalists that appear in some of your tracks?

Sound Project 21: I don’t find them, they find me through my links on social networks.

SJ: What software and hardware do you mostly use?

Sound Project 21: I use synthesizers to record sounds on FL Studio and Reaper.

SJ: What are you currently working on? Is there any new release coming out soon?

Sound Project 21: At the moment I’ve finished two author remixes for two international artists, and apart from that I have a single that will be released by ‘Two Step’ in November.
On 17th of November I will debut with that song on an EP that will include four artists in total.

That’s it! Few words, but a very powerful message: nowadays you don’t need to have a lot of money, or a big studio or even live in some specific countries, to have a chance to become a succesful producer, DJ and / or remixer.
What you need is talent, so if you are an aspiring musician and you think you have talent, you don’t have any excuse not to download a free DAW on your laptop, follow the free tutorials you can find on YouTube and start making music.
If you want to follow Wilton’s approach, Reaper and FL Studio are among the most affordable DAWs in the market, and all FL Studio updates are free forever, once you purchase any version of the product.   

Speaking of talent, let’s watch Sound Project 21 in action in the video below, starting at 04:38. The video has english subtitles.

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