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Interviews with the coolest electronic musicians

The music podcast is certainly not a new format on YouTube, but The Electronic Corner is a little different from the others.
What makes it special? Well, the fact that it gives us a fascinating journey into the universe of artists who create electronic music. Thanks to the video interviews, we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in their world, exploring their creative minds and uncovering the secrets behind their musical productions.

Through these video interviews, we will obtain a virtual passport to enter their studio, that magical place where music comes to life.

With each interview, some of the following possibilities are offered:

1) Take a close look at the instruments, equipment, and technological gadgets used by the artists.

2) Discover their preferred recording programs, learning their techniques and production secrets. There will be an opportunity to learn about the software they use to manipulate tracks, mix sounds, and add special effects that bring their compositions to life.

3) Gain a deeper and authentic understanding of the artists. We will get to know their personalities, inspirations, and artistic journeys. It will be like having an intimate conversation with the protagonists of the electronic music scene, capturing their emotions, dreams, and the challenges they face on their creative path.

In summary, The Electronic Corner is a must-listen music podcast for electronic music lovers, as it offers the opportunity to delve into the minds of talented artists in this genre.

You can find all the episoded by clicking on this YouTube link.

On this website you will find the written version of each interview, with the major keypoints.

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Asmodi Caligari

Massimo Mascheroni ODRZ

Sergio Calzoni

Stefano Rossello Goblin Producer

Paradox Obscur

QEK Junior


Black Snow
On Christmas


Preemptive Strike 0.1

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